Hart-Clayton is a family-owned business that has been providing custom wood packaging solutions for heavy industrial parts and equipment for over 50 years.  Three generations of the Hart family work at Hart-Clayton. George Hart is the founder and CEO, his daughter Stacey Hart Kasprzyk is company President, and Stacey’s son Harry Kasprzyk oversees production.  In a world where many companies put profits above people, the Hart family is committed to quality of products, service to customers, respect for employees and giving back to the community.   Hart-Clayton has not become a trusted name in the industrial wood products industry by focusing on short-term profits; we take a long-term perspective as a steward for generations to come.

We have come a long way since the early days, yet our company heritage and culture continue to shape the way we do business today.  We are proud and humbled to be trusted by industry leaders around the world to design and create packaging solutions for their valuable freight.  Whether you need custom-built packaging to protect sensitive electrical components being transported over the road, fragile cargo being shipped by air, or heavy-duty equipment parts that needs to survive a trans-oceanic trip to remote locations across the globe, Hart-Clayton is the company you can rely on to get your valuable payload to its final destination safely.


In 2014, Hart-Clayton was privileged to be selected by an industry-leading local sign manufacturer to design the shipping system for the Super Bowl XLVIII letters.  Needless to say, these iconic neon masterpieces were safely delivered to East Rutherford, New Jersey to illuminate the showdown between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks.

Thank you for putting your trust in us!


Honesty – Reliability – Integrity – Accountability

The values that are the foundation of the Hart family are the values we practice as a company. 

Hart-Clayton has built its reputation on doing what we say we will do when we say we will do it, listening to customers and understanding their needs, and treating everyone with respect and fairness.  Hart-Clayton is still going strong after 50 years because we know that long-term success can’t be achieved without satisfied customers, dedicated employees, and quality products. 

Put Hart-Clayton to work for you – you’ll be glad you did!