Heavy-Duty Skids


Hart-Clayton is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing durable, heavy-duty unibody, engine, axle assembly, and miscellaneous component skids for our global customers in the mining & construction, energy, transportation & agriculture industries.  When our customer’s clients are spending millions of dollars on a single piece of specialized equipment, our customers depend on Hart-Clayton to make sure their valuable cargo arrives safely.   From the time a component comes off the production line to the time it is assembled in the field, Hart-Clayton is thinking about the best packaging solution to ensure that component makes the trip unscathed.  Hart-Clayton operates a full-service metal fabrication and welding shop in-house which gives us the unique ability to easily incorporate steel reinforcement and stabilization features into our skid designs – an advantage we have over other companies.   If you need a durable, custom-designed skid for shipping heavy and complex components, look no further – Hart-Clayton has you covered.